What do you think of this poem (kind of, I don't know what else to call it)?


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  • Sounds like something that someone who believes
    the same things I do, wrote.. and it speaks the truth.

    In other words, I like it. ^.^


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  • ... I like it.

  • Id say its something the universe already told me... Almost as if I wrote it myself

    • You're given 5 senses as a human to experience whats around you. Add a sixth and everything changes. Take away one and everything also changes

      Our eyes can only see because light passes through them, take a away light and everything is dark but doesn't mean nothing is there.

      We experience the world given the constraints we have, however there's are thousands if not millions of perspectives one can experience.

      In Quantum Mechanics, when a human observes a beam of light, it changes properties! We world changes based on us

      We are indeed living through the universe itself

    • Thanks for putting thought into this, that was a good read!

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