What do you think would Arya Stark's future be?

I just found out that Maisie Williams' pictures were also on the fappening. Her boobs were big in some pics. I thought "boobjob", but someone said "maybe just puberty" lol

I used to think Arya Stark would turn into an even more could blooded, brutal and badass Version of Xena. Totally my kind of girl. A girl that even big ass men fears.

But after seeing the fappening pics, I'm starting to think that the GOT producers would most likely take advantage of her now mature physique and she will likely have a topless or totally nude scene. Which would totally reduce her to just another GOT screen whore in my eyes. Makes me kind of sad if that really would happen. She is my favourite character. The kind of person I'd always fantasized I could be.

What do you think would happen to her in the next seasons?


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  • How would she be in the Fappening? Is she even 18?
    I looked her up and she turned 18 in April and I think that was after the Fappening.
    Besides who would WANT to see her pics?

    I think they'll keep her as a badass.


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  • as she's meant to be about 12 in the books I think they will keep her fully clothed...

    Maybe read the books and you will know more.

    • Cause they stay true to the books...

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    • but they do.

    • In the books, yes. But maybe that's too Hardcore for tv

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  • You really think the screenwriters take the size of Maisie Williams' boobs into account? Anyway fuck GOT.

    • Yeah. I think they definitely are males and are definitely letting their male ways of thinking influence their writings. That's why we See tons of boobs and female butts and what not, but every rarely if ever male butts and so on

  • It may tempt them a lot to have her be topless. Although I'd say Sophie Turner probably has a better chance than Maisie. (Idk if she died yet or what; I've only watched up to the 3rd season.)


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  • Isn't Maisie Williams like 16-18 by now? Don't you think it's normal that she's hit puberty?

  • She might become something like an evil Bond girl.. seducing guys with the promise of sex and kill them when they are alone with her in the bedroom.