Is this depression and why?

Okay so I feel so rubbish where I can't be bothered to do anything I just want to sleep and laze about I can't be bothered to clean the house or do anything. There was a man I was seeing we fell out but we made up and was talking all last night and I'm going to meet him tommorow so I don't think it that? I feel very hurt and I'm unsure why. I keep thinking in dying of brain Tumor or heart attack or hiv my obbsession with hiv is very bad? I did drink on weekend but I can't explain I just don't want to move or walk anywhere I don't want to face people or anything? I find smoking also makes me feel very heavy headed and dizzy could it be that. Why do I feel this way?


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  • Yes you do show signs of depression
    Why is never clear and frankly speaking focusing on why is a waste of time
    Try making new friends and going out plus contact a psych if things don't light up soon


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  • It's so hard to objectively look at yourself and decide if you're depressed or not. Especially if it feels normal to you, and like not much has changed in your life except you're suddenly less keen on food and like taking more naps than you used to.

    I tell people I haven't had an appetite lately (for the past month or so at this point) and go on about how I love sleep, and how those two things have awesomely made me lose 13 - 14 lbs the past few weeks and people tell me that I'm exhibiting signs of depression.

    But then I look at myself, and I just tell them... no. I disagree. Because I don't feel different. Which then calls into question that maybe I've just been depressed for a really, really long time and that's WHY it feels normal.

    Regardless, I have no cures to suggest for aiding you in getting out of your funk because I'm still not sure how to get out of my sleepy, food neglecting funk myself.


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  • This is depression. The best way you can try to get rid of it is to do something uplifting. Watch a good t. v show, cook something nice for yourself, call a friend to talk to.

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