Is it bad that I cried during a haunted park?

Yesterday was my first day going to a haunted place, known as Indy Scream Park. Indy Scream Park is one of the scariest scream parks in the United States. I just turned 18 so I did not know what to exactly expect. I went with my brother, his fiance, my sister, and her boyfriend. I knew there was going to be chainsaws, chasings, and pop ups. We ended up being in line, and my anxiety was hitting me hard. I deal with anxiety, but I knew everybody was nervous. I ended up crying because my anxiety was going insane, so I got out of line. I had nobody to grab on to, and my brother was holding his fiance while my sister was holding her boyfriend. I felt stupid, and luckily there was not a lot of people.. I waited for my group to be done with the SAW act. My brother admitted it was scary, he ended up sweating. The next act my group and I did was the Haunted Hay Ride. These actors got up on the tractor, and tried to get in peoples' face. It felt a little better for me, and one of them got in my face.

How did you exactly feel during your first scream park? Also, is it bad that I cried during a haunted scream park? I'm only 18, and I had nobody to exactly hold on to.

Go ahead and laugh at me. I don't care.


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  • It's fine, it's understandable, your own brother ended up sweating, your reaction was crying.


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  • No it's not bad. I cried because a clown started chasing me.


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  • Nah that's sweet 🍬
    I had listened about Indy park
    And don't worry next time you can hold me 😂 lol sorry jk


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