Has anyone been through this same situation with Comcast cutting FiOS cables on accident but not reimbursing for their mistake?

A Comcast technician was installing cable for someone in my building, but accidentally cut through our FiOS cables leaving us completely without service for 4 days until FiOS can send someone to repair. FiOS said they'd just bill my account.

When I called Comcast and asked how they will be reimbursing me for the expense, they said "We really don't do that."

I've tried reaching out for a supervisor or manager, but haven't gotten anywhere and really want to know my options for how to deal with this. I should not have to pay a huge bill because Comcast sent a poorly trained tech in liue of a professional.


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  • Save all the conversations you have with them because it sounds like a law suit to me.

    • I just called them again, and apparently since service providers make mistakes now and then, they've just decided to call it even and pay for each other's repairs as long as the cables are outside the home. So, FiOS said I wouldn't have to pay for the repair and they would credit my account for the time we are without service. But I was definitely getting ready to make a stink about it and not let them get away with it. Consumers should not be responsible to cover the mistakes of a company. We have to do enough of that already with our government!

    • Well that is come good news at least. I guess if you complain enough things can get done. Shame that it even took that much. A fair point about the government, I have been complaining about half their shit for years and it does not help much.

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