Would you be willing to colonize another planet even if it meant never having contact with Earth or even this solar system again?

Similar to earth in every other way breathable atmosphere, liquid water on the surface, similar mass and distance to its star. Anybody else ever think about that kind of thing?

I don’t mean by yourself but rather with maybe 100 people or so. No restrictions, on how to form a government and populate the world.


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  • Naaah I love earth and humans.

    • But think of how awesome it would be to make a new, better home for future generations of humans.

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    • Haha I think it's just human nature unfortunately, we don't know how to respect each-other and we don't know how to communicate properly...

    • Maybe it would work better if people were specifically selected based on their ability to overcome violent urges, or taught from the beginning that all life is valuable. Maybe have regular meetings to make sure that problems are taken care of before they get out of hand… no, Pretty sure after a few generations it will just turn into some crazy ass religion if they do that.

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  • Only if I knew it meant not much hardships and my loved ones are going as well.

    • Fair enough, hardships are to be expected. Any theoretical vessel capable of traveling to another star system would be pretty limited in room for supplies and passengers.

    • Then I shall not put my loved ones through that.

  • I would, that would be once in a life time opportunity and would be amazing

  • yes, that would be splendid

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