Certain sounds absolutely ENRAGE me? Is that normal?

Generally, I'm very laid back and chilled out. I don't get angry much at all.

But snoring, loud breathing, crunching, people talking with their mouths full or smacking on their food REALLY aggravates me. To the point that my blood boils and I feel I could strangle the person.

My dad is the worst for it. He has false teeth, so when he eats not only does he smack loudly, but you hear his plastic teeth hitting together, smacking and loud breathing. I actually feel as if he deliberately does it to annoy me at times.

If a person is crunching on crisps through a film, I can't concentrate on the film, all I hear is crunching. I kid you not. It's maddening.

I I could love somebody lots, but these noises never fail to make me angry. I can't tolerate being in a room when any of the things are happening, it's that bad.

Why am I like this?


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  • No. Sounds like you have issues.


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  • Maybe you're jsut sensitive to it. More so than other people