Encounter with a racist white police officer?

So my uncle got pulled over by a police officer for no reason at all. He was dropping me off at school. So I go to a school that has a vase majority of white people. Im not white, im Hispanic/Latino. My uncle was being polite while I was crying in the back seat. After they put handcuffs on him and put him in the back seat, i called a family member to let them know what was going on. The police officer saw and rolled his eyes and laughed to himself as he told me to get off the phone in s RUDE manner. I got off and a lady came and she searched me. Im a very small girl. people think I'm 12 and I weight about 90 pounds and Im 5'1. I moved a bit because I was nervous. I have really bad anxiety but, as soon as I moved, she screamed "woahhh why are you moving." Meanwhile, the guy reached for his gun. Seriously, im half their size and she searched me like three times already.
They started treating me like a criminal. I've never done drugs nor do I drink. The guy got mad at me because I couldn't answer his question. The question was "what is your mom's phone number." I said I didn't know. He started getting mad and said "if you don't cooperate, I'll embarrass you by taking you to the principle's officer and calling your teacher so your whole class will know." On top of that he said he can put me on probation. I was crying at this point.
He called three more for "backup". They started harassing me and telling me about my plans such as what college I want to go to IF i even graduate from school or even get in. At this point I was furious. I told them I wanted to go to Cal State Fullerton to do something in the justice department, they laughed at me and they told me if I continue the way I am then I won't ever get in. What did they mean by that? I did not do anything at all. They let me go and took my uncle in because his "car is tinted". He had his windows down while he was driving... can they do that? They said that if someone doesn't get here within 5minutes with a license


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  • Ugh that sucks. Report him!

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