Playing spin the bottle? Girls kissing girls? Boys kissing girls? What has the world come to? Jk but this is sooo awkward. Help please?

Okay so it was 4 of us. Myself, a guy, girl #1 and girl #2. So we were bored and the guy randomly shouts "hey lets play spin the bottle cause we're all bi here so it's okay" so I told them that I'll just watch because I have a boyfriend but they insist that I play so I got into the circle. We started playing and it landed on me so of corse I kissed my hand and girl #2 kissed her hand and we touched hands. And we kept doing that and girl #1 kisses girl #2's cheek and so the guy said "stop bullshitting and really kiss. Next round were really kissin on the lips!" So the next round comes and he spins and of corse it lands on me. And I was like okay kiss me on the cheek and he looks at me and says no you have to kiss me so when he was leaning in my phone rang and it was my mom telling me that she was outside to pick me up an of corse I bolted ou of there so fast and now I feel bad cause I don't wan him to think that I was being mean or anything but I haven't even had my first kiss or kissed my boyfriend yet sooo yeah. Plus I didn't wanna be unfaithful because to me kissing someone besides your be or girlfriend if you have one is cheating.


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  • "I kissed my hand and girl #2 kissed her hand and we touched hands." <- Lmfao!!
    Yo you have a guy so you shouldn't even be playing that let alone felling bad you left another dude hanging. You should of been like the ref or something, like be the one spinning the bottles and forcing everyone else to 'stop bullshitting and really kiss'
    If I was your guy I'd be mad that you even played


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