Do you think I need to go to a mental hospital?

I doing really bad at school. And I keep going up and down not as frequently but i still feel really sad... I can't afford to go into one but what you think? I just feel done with life...


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  • Is there a specific cause? I'm in my 30s, have mild Aspergers, and work at a grocery store with a socially-toxic environment, full of backstabbers and a-hole customers. I have a bachelor's in TV production that no studio in my area will even look at. My family has a plethora of health problems, and my mom has been medicated for depression following my one sister running away from home. An exchange student my folks took in also caused fits of jealousy between my folks, and my mom calls her a "bonafide homewrecker."

    Also, I've had to deal with gangstalking, and with fake friends trying to ruin my life countless times, often with ignorant and/or unsympathetic peers and authority figures. I've been the subject of multiple investigations, with the investigators always getting frustrated when they couldn't find anything to pin on me.

    I get panic attacks, feel like the grave is lurking around the corner, have physical issues with energy levels, and even have moments where I want to dance around like a drunk in spite being totally sober. Looking over my shoulder is the norm.

    Is your life anything like this? If so, we should talk.

    • No but I don't think begin left for week and years on end is consider health...

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    • left alone in a room without human contact

    • I see. Loneliness. I suffer severe feelings of that myself. Easy to do, when you have few outside of family that you dare to trust. In a hospital setting though, I can imagine it would feel like hell. Mental hospital, maybe not so much. Because they're usually nice to you. In a regular hospital, I'd hate to be stuck there for more than a week. So many pathogens out there. And having to be hooked up to machines all the time? No way!

      Obviously, if there's a health problem that needs addressing, it needs addressing. But I hate checking into emergency rooms. And having to wear gowns. The really old building ones are the worst. They pretty much just look like really-sanitary jails, minus the dangerous drunken lunatics.

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  • I don't know about a hospital but it sounds like you probably should see a doctor. A doctor would make that decision. If you are in the USA you can go to an emergency room and get treated even if you don't have any money. A doctor there will be able to diagnose you better than anonymous online people. Good luck!

    • I don't have insurance or money and I am worried about freaking my mom out... do you think I should over the counter anti-depersant..

    • I don't think there are any over-the-counter anti-depressants. I recommended an emergency room because they treat you even if you don't have any money. It sounds like you should tell your mom though.

    • yeah... well...

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  • No, please don't think like that.


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