If he didn't want to talk he wouldn't right?

If a guy didn't want to talk to you they wouldn't answer the text message right? I have this guy who I'm into and things seems good as when we were together he treated me like girlfriend and initiated the flirting. We talk everyday through text for the most part. Some days we don't talk. I initiate most now. He responds fairly quickly within a few minutes, and there's days it takes longer. But he responds quick. What does that mean and if he didn't want to talk eh wouldn't right. Are these good signs?


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  • if he didn't want to talk to you i'm sure he either wouldn't respond, or be very short with his responses. if he is responding rather quickly, or if his responses are longer and keeping the conversation i'd say he is interested. i don't think the time of how long it takes him to reply matters, just the content of the messages.

    • For the most part depending on what I say his answer are longer than a few works. Some days responses vary from one word to s few, but the convo still goes and he answers