Is this theft? Because it wasn't my intention?

I had borrowed this laptop from my school University in 2013.

I never returned it, maybe because other than emails (automatic), I never received phone calls or anything that says I have to return it.

But I've been getting an automated email for 2 years now, (I guess they don't clear their inventory at the end of the year).

I want to return the laptop and would gladly pay any fines because I never intended to keep it, I just forgot about it.

I don't want to be perceived wrongly. What can I do?


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  • No, this is not a theft but then your action wasn't right either, okay that person never called but I think you should have taken the responsibility to call or contact that person through any means possible, so that wasn't 100% right on your part. However you weren't wrong either, you might have thought the owner of the laptop himself/herself is not bothered so why should I care?

    Yes, so that was normal thinking on your part, maybe you were just waiting for them to contact you, so you are not wrong at all. It's just natural, I think you are still waiting.

    Hence don't worry, I would call this as theft.

    • *Sorry, I meant to say I would not call this as a theft" it's not your fault.

      I apologize for the error in my last sentence of my previous comment,

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  • If you don't mind the fines, just return it. Just tell them the truth.


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  • Create an email account for this purpose, go to a public library and use a PC and send an email to the university asking of you can return it without any fear of being prosecuted for conversion or theft. They will probably be glad to have it returned.

  • Well it is still theft, I would think they would just send you a bill or send it to a credit bureau if they haven't already.

    I also doubt they will think much of it other then being surprised if you actually returned it after all this time, it might be worth calling and asking them about, unless your hoping they actually never noticed and mentioning it would bring it back up in their systems. (unlikely but possible)

    If you really don't mind incurring any fees it might be worth it to bring it back to simply clear your mind of it, since it seems to be affecting you in some way,

    • What do you mean credit bureau? I won't be arrested for theft?

    • credit bureau - if you don't pay a bill or something it effects your credit score. Many company's will sell your debt to a collector who will collect it instead, but it will still show up on your credit score through the credit bureau's. Seems more likely you would incure a debt for what you owe as the value of the object that you did not return.

      Of course I'm no lawyer and this is my experience as a Canadian so could be different. Though still seems very unlikely to be charged as theft as it's not really 'theft', be like not returning a library book or movie rental, never heard of theft charge for that, and more expensive items usually have some sort of deposit.

  • I am sure it happens more of than than you think. If you bring it back they will likely understand.


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