How much trouble with cops?

So I am 19 and me and my friends decided to go drink in the cuts where no one was. There were these two stupid cars doing donuts making loud noises and eventually we didn't know the cops were called on us. Those other cars doing the donuts took off in time but the cops stopped us. We had no beer on us for the reason we threw it out. The cop didn't give us a blow to us but he said he was and kept questioning us. We blamed it on the other cars leaving because they saw open bottles on the floor. I was the only one who had license so my friend said it was me that was driving. Long story short they ended up letting us go but we had to have someone sober pick us up. I could have gotten a DUI Right and jail time? Did I get let off easy? I know I learned my lesson..


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  • Just don't do it again. You got super lucky