Should I be worried about my boyfriend's mental health? Talking to himself?

I've been with him for about two years. Over these two years, I notice he sometimes talks to himself under his breath when he's angry or feeling defensive about something. I just brushed it off as normal, I talk to mself sometimes, too.
A while ago we were having some pillow talk that got deep. he said to me that he sees two people at different times in his life. He says they wear different coloured clothes. He says at good times in his life, he sees the man in white. At bad times, he sees the man in brown.
I asked more about that and he said not to worry.
Then tonight, he said he has a side for me and his family, and a side for people he doesn't like. He said I don't ever want to meet him, and that he's spoken to him since he was a little boy. He then said out of nowhere that the two things he hates most are rapists and gays. He just seemed to space out after that.
My boyfriend otherwise is a very normal, happy guy. He does stress a bit and he's a little more emotional and more... 'clingy' than most people. But there's nothing else I would find abnormal about his personality.
Should I be worried for him?

He was, at one point addicted to cocaine and has smoked marijuana daily since a teenager. He's only very recently stopped smoking.


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  • no smart people talk to themselves