Given that these two are attractive sociopaths and smart, which gender would succeed more?

- An attractive male sociopath, highly sophisticated and intellectual
- An attractive woman that's also intelligent and a sociopath (basically his female counterpart)

  • Attractive, smart male sociopath
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  • Attractive, smart female sociopath
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  • A draw
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By succeeding, that's basically trapping others with their charms, toying with them in many ways possible, making those close to them invest their time on them and most important be very good at being a cold-blooded calculative being.


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  • Female, definitely. Men are significantly less picky when it comes to the personality of the woman (during the first stages of the relationship, anyway).

    Women get fewer assault charges due to a great many things, so even if (when) she does get violent, there will be a much smaller change for her of being caught.

    Thinking on it, a smart and attractive female sociopath sounds terrifying. She could get away with a lot, as long as she had decent enough foresight.

    • there's a difference between sociopaths and psychopaths. sociopaths are NOT subtle lmao. An attractive female psychopath would be terrifying, not a sociopath, they are messy and impulsive.

    • @Suhmer

      You're right. In this case, maybe the male. He'll be more accepted as being "normal", considering men are more prone to violence or impulsiveness than women.

      I guess I really don't know. The man would blend in more as the center of attention, where the woman would be less noticed.

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