Where do I find a professional editor?

I am honestly very serious in getting my novels published, so serious I cannot describe it you in words alone. These are the books that I have written (so far):
1. The Price for Power
2. The Eye of Genesis
3. The Roads of Time
4. The Nine Towers (Currently Writing)
It has been a year and a half since I started writing, and I want to know where to find editors, great editors that do not cost much and will not just correct grammar mistakes and such, but also ones that tell you if the idea is "good" or not, what works and what kills.


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  • Do you have friends who can help you? Or maybe a writing club at your school. If you want help online I suggest trying to find websites that allow you to post your stories online. Sometimes they have editors there that can help you for free. Good luck.

    • Alright, but I have one more question. See, when I started out a year ago, my writing was not very well-developed. As I wrote each novel, my writing-voice, however, ripened. The problem is that when I compare Book 4 to Book 1, I'm just thinking to myself, "Man, the first book sucks compared to this." I cannot exactly re-write 243 pages (that'll take 3 months or more). Should I simply tighten up what I have in book 1--I mean it is alright, basic, not as complicated as Book 3, or 4. People seem to follow it easier, which reminds me of "The Hunger Games," because the writing style is so placid, so simple that it annoys me. I guess the more simple your writing, the more people will like it, hence. . . the equation to a best-seller. Of course, now my mind is all fuddled up, I don't know what to do now, whether to re-write it all, or just get it edited, or what. . .

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    • Alright, I'll do that. Your words shine new hope upon me. A light of hope. Thanks.

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  • Well, I do have a suggestion for you. If you try to find a book editor they can be quite expensive. You might try editors that do dissertations and theses. They can possibly be found cheaper and won't try to charge you for the premium servic s the book editors will charge. That'll be good enough to get a manuscript you can shop around.

    • Yeah, some of them cost about $1211, and such--which is an insane amount for 243 pages. I'll try doing that, perhaps university professors will know of a few connections.

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    • Pretty cool that you are trying to do this, best of luck to you!

    • Yeah, its better than dreaming of success, when I can try to achieve it in reality.

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