Why does this random kid always look at me?

Like almost everyday in class I would see him glance at me or feel him looking at me at least once a day. Yes I can actually feel it. He usually looks away or pretends to look somewhere else though but sometimes we make eye contact and I turn away and sigh (to express my annoyance. I think I've rolled my eyes at him once) but he doesn't stop. It's been like a month. He never talks to me and I think he's like the most annoying person I know. Call me boring but he's obnoxiously loud in class. Why does he keep looking at me? He doesn't do this to other girls as much. He doesn't even know me.


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  • He likes you sometimes boys are abnoxious to get the girls attention

    • He never talks to me he just stares at me!

    • Yeah he likes you trust me different guys show it differently he's the type that stares and is annoying terrible way to attract girls but he doesn't know that yet

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