Help! Ants! Help?

They are crawling in my mattress and have trails on the damn wall. I just turned on my light and woke up to this shit horror. SO HOW TF DO I KILL THEM WITHOUT RAID. IM NOT GONNA SLEEP TO NIGHT IF YOU DONT HELP ME!!! THEY R ALL OVER THE HOUSE.


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  • Figure out where they are coming in, just follow their trial. Pour COMET or some other cleanser around, near, and along their trial. They HATE that!! Or, get some ant killer, like Terro, at Home Dipshit, Walmart or somewhere! The cleaser is cheap, and has always worked for me!


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  • Find where they're going to and from. If there's food there, trash it. Then plug up their holes with clay or wet toilet paper.

    • Where do I find the holes?

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    • They'll be back some day unless you plug up the holes to the hive.

    • I'm trying to find it. I just don't wanna wake my parents up. I have school In 4 hours. \(〇_o)/¯°_o)/¯¯°_o)/¯

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