I have problems with my classmates... What should I do about it?

So the obvious problem is that my classmates don't like me at all. The thing is that this school year I fell asleep a few times and they think I did it on purpose, so I wouldn't be examened, which is not true, I just have a problem waking up so early. And today I didn't go to school because I felt sick and they attacked me, saying that I just didn't go, again, because of the same reason. Wrong again- I ACTUALLY FEEL SICK. And no matter how hard I try to explain myself, they won't believe me. And I have good grades! I'm not one of those people that has problems at school, actually its the other way around, but they judge me all the time and I just feel really bad about it... I don't know what to do, because I'm a quite emotional person and it hurts to see that nobody likes me and thinks of me in such a bad way for reasons that aren't even true.

Oh and I really like to ask questions in class... and every time I do so they feel annoyed and I can hear whispers ''she asks the stupidest questions; again, she's looking for attention'' or they just laugh... I don't get it. What's the problem with me asking questions. I am in school to learn. Aren't I?


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  • Why are you falling asleep in class? I get no one likes waking early but are you awake most of the night and why? It's not really healthy. I don't see what they are so aggressive towards you perhaps they see you as a threat. If they say that again laugh it off and say I already knew the answers. Were they always like this or were you all friends before

    • I don't fall asleep IN class, but for class, like for the first hour and then I come... And it doesn't happen all the time, just a few times. We were always normal, not besties or anything, nothing special. They're just acting stupid. Instead of helping each other out, they just look for themselves.

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    • Well i have a lot of friends at school in general.. i just don't get along with the ones in my class and it feels awful to feel like you don't belong. And anytime you say something they laugh it off.. its so annoying... I'm glad you understand :)

    • It's mean and petty but even I can see you're better than them :) best wishes