Daughter and Karate Question?

Hello all,

So my daughter has been doing karate for 2 years now and recently she's been taking kicks to her privates a lot.

I am pretty sure they are accidents, but she's been really sore. Any girls out there use a martial arts groin cup for females? If so, which one did you use?

She's 15 and is not super skinny, but not obese.



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  • if she's getting hit in the crotch then the person kicking her sucks at precision. its not your daughter's fault, its the other person.

    • He's like 2 years younger than her. I feel bad for her because she's been thinking if quitting and we don't want her to do that.

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    • Well, we got her one of the foam ones that goes between the legs. After talking to her instructor they said they are accidents, but now she is well protected. She was happy to goto class tonight knowing she wouldn't get hurt :)

    • that's good! hopefully those accidents will happen less and less over time as all the students progress with their training. goodluck.