Is she interested in a second date?

I asked a girl ( I haven't seen this girl since we were kids ) out. she was busy with work yet she made time for me. the date lasted around 3 hours ( 1 hour and half) we laughed a lot. at the end of the date I asked for th bill she offered to pay te bill and she insisted. I insisted too and I paid the bill. she was like promise me that next time I will pay the bill. i was like yeah she said no promise me i was like i promise.

when we went out she said thank you for the dinner you saved my life. when I dropped her home when she went out she said thank you so much and we will meet next week ( she is out of country for 5 days)

when she said we will meet next week was it being polite or she really means it

and should I wait till she calls me ( just to gauge her interest ) or I should ask her out ?


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What Girls Said 1

  • She would like to see you again.
    Aske her out when she's back in town.

    I think she has shown a lot of interest.


What Guys Said 1

  • She want's to meet again.
    And if you are really interested in her wait until she comes back and ask her out again to show your interest. Or else just wait for her to ask.