If you deactivate your Facebook account, will people still see your name in thier meassges?

I ask beacuse I am worried about a friend, (he's 16,) and meassged his mom. I deactavited soon after I meassged her, in hopes he won't find out it was me. (with the anger issues he has rigth now, he might see it more of an attack on him than me trying to help him) I know it doesn't show the profile picture, but does it show the name? (I already looked for an answer for this on Google, but couldn't find one.))

I'm really scared of him finding out.


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  • What a fucking nut job he needs to get put in his place and his ass beat if he gets mad at you smh

    • Lol. It would take a lot of people to take him down. XD

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  • Dont eveeeeer activate it again... change ur email and create a new facebok immediately...

    • Why?

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    • If u dont want to delete ur fb... them might as well talk to your friend directly and tell him u did it...

    • Alrigth.

  • No it doesn't show although keep in mind that are never actually 'deactivated' let alone deleted.

    • Ik. I didn't want to dealted my facebook, just deactivate to hide my porfile picture and name.

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