Do you think Chinese can take over the world?

If China becomes strongest country and take over the world, it would be good or bad or better than American running the world?


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  • If Chinese takes over the world, guess us Americans better get off our asses and learns.

    If America takes over the world: Die. You're fucked. Especially countries with a large number of Muslims. This countries kinda racist.


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  • Well they hacked into US power grid! ;)

    But the Chinese population is growing old at a phenomenal rate. It is said China will grow old before it grows rich. I would say that a Chinese takeover would be bad given their communist history and background. I lived in China for one month. It was an interesting experience to say the least. China censors its citizen's access to internet, etc. And the Chinese did not even know about some parts of their own history. I talked to students at University who had never heard of the Boxer Rebellion. So, I would not want a Chinese takeover because I believe in personal and individual freedom not censorship (of any kind).

    In my opinion, the one you want to watch for and worry about is ISIS. They have sleeper cells everywhere. ISIS claims to be in all 50 US states.