Democrats, what did you think of the debate?


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  • Democrat checking in. IT WAS AMAZING!!!

    Hillary- did as well as she would have.

    Bernie- he's the man, I'm all for him

    O'Malley- 2nd fav. after Bernie. He did very well. I was pleased he got plenty of speaking time.

    Webb- kinda funny how he kept bitching about not getting enough time lol

    Chafferty- who even cares about him lol

    Overall, it was a great debate. Anderson hosted it super well and asked all the right questions I was hoping for. It's interesting to contrast the Democrat debate to the Republican debate. The Republicans just cannibalize each other (remember what they did to Mitt Romney, jesus..). Democrats on the other hand, are shaking hands, referring to each other as "friends", being cordial and even defending each other


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  • I'm not a democrat but seriously I laughed at it, it was pathetic even more so that they actually had to scrape that low into the barrel to even get enough candidates to hold a debate.

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