Was this whole thing planned?

So this girl went to a University that I also got an admission offer to. Twice, no less (once out of high school and once as a transfer).

Both times she discouraged me from going, although the second time she was much more nicer for me to go. When I got there, she kept putting ideas in my head for withdrawing.

I ended up withdrawing. Afterwards I found out she has been laid off for 2 years now and been lying to everyone that she's working.

I wonder if she deliberately did that so I won't get something she has. That's sick.


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  • I think she probably has better things to do than intentionally plan doubts into other peoples minds just for the sake of sabotaging their lives.

    She's probably just a kind of weird person. Who knows what was going through her head when she said what she said. Maybe she was just saying it for the sake of having something to say to you.

    • She's family.

      Oh, and after I chose the University that she said was better for me, she would constantly criticize it in front of my parents, saying it was not even a good school and I'd be thinking she wanted me to go there...

    • I thinks he sounds irrational and unpredictable from how you've described her. If she's within your own family, I doubt anyone on this site could give you insight on the motives behind her behavior than you can, sorry as I am to say it. =\

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  • She probably did that's why you should always trust your own feelings about something after getting advice don't just do something because someone else says to do so