Why does my therapist think I have an inferiority complex?

How could I possibly have an inferiority complex, I'm the most spiteful, arrogant, cold, emotionless bastards ever. I need no one and love no one... except my family. I've done everything alone and have always been alone, I don't need anybody like everyone else does. I know I'm better than all the other humans...


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  • You do quite often say on here that you feel like you're a failure at everything.. I think it's okay to ask your therapist. It can't feel good to be alone like that all the time :'( *hugs*


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  • If that's what you think, I'm cool with that. I'm not going to tell you that you're wrong- that's not my place. Anyway, humans have done a whole lot of disgusting things.
    Wow, Envy is a REALLY good choice for your profile picture.


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  • then ask him/her... though arrogance often has an inferiority complex behind it.