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I've been asked by a Indian director to act in kollywood/Bollywood movies, what should I do? I'm 18... I'm doing bad in my studies recently and my family need some money for living bz we aren't that rich. when I talked about this to my mom she said she'll not allow me to act in movies... what should I do? It's a great opportunity for me but my mom isn't agreeing. Whats your thoughts on this?


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  • Well, that's fantastic news for you. I have the ambition to to work in the film industry (that being the western film industry) for the rest of my life, and it's something I won't give up on.
    But in your case; if it is your dream to do so (and I would suggest you think calmly and concisely about this) then perhaps you should. It is your life, not your mother's. I understand your hesitantcy because of your mother's disapproval, but she may come around to it at some point if you manage to make a respectable living out of it.
    On the other hand though; if this is something that you were not actively pursuing (auditions and such), and this director (and i'm assuming he's a man) just came up to you out of nowhere, then I would suggest exercising extreme caution, because people who hire at that level in that way, tend to be pretty shady and untrustworthy people who may eventually screw you over, this would especially be the case considering you are an eighteen year old girl.
    There is also the fact that you are not doing well in school; acting and film making are not as easy as most people who work in that industry, make it seem. You need great discipline and self control to become a successful actor (assuming you have the side of things down packed), and very few manage to last long without those attributes. Not doing well in school can often mean that you lack discipline, though I would have to know more about you to really know.
    As for what you should do; so long as this director is not hammering you to make a decision, then I would suggest taking your time, and thinking about it very carefully. It is your decision, and not your mother's or the director's. This is your life, you are eighteen now, soon you will be 20, and then 25, and so on and so forth. But I would suggest sticking with your studies, regardless of what decision you make; you will probably get to a later stage in life and regret not finishing school (which is something that I could not do, I had to drop out in year 12 for various reasons, and have not completed school).
    So good luck to you, and I hope i've helped.

    • He's from film industry, and I know him very well... he had been asking so many many times but I was just scared bz of my parent's opinion... .. I dun know what to answer!! Best of luck then fulfill your dream :)

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