Are you prone to bush fires where you live? do you have a plan?

It's not even summer yet where I am, and where I am is meant to be one of the coldest states (tasmania) so I am rather surprised at the weather lately, today we are having a 30 degree day (86F) and strong winds, I currently have a friend who is getting things packed incase she needs to evacuate as there is a rather large bush fire heading her way. The last time we had some really bad bush fires was back in January 2013, ( ) I actually helped out with housing some peoples horses that had to evacuate, it was a pretty scary time.

Are you prone to bush fires near you? do you have a fire plan? what is it? I always love learning about peoples fire plans, what they pack or will take.


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  • More forest fire than brush fire but we have had to evacuate here a few times. Last time was in 2007 but it has been really dry here the last few years so we may have to leave again.

    As far as a plan goes we have always had enough warning in the past to just pick up and leave. I want to get a small storage unit in one of the nearby more developed cities and just leave some stuff there. Food, water, cloths, copies of important document, maybe some camping gear. That way if I have to leave and don’t have time to pack I have a can still have access to what I need in case of a fire or earthquake.

    • Yeah, nowadays with the technology we have we are lucky enough to get warning which is great, I like the idea of getting a storage unit, my friend has a kit where she is in the process of copying family photos onto the computer and then storing them into a hard drive so she can put it in the kit if she doesn't have time to grab the photos, she also said their bank allows them to keep things and I think some of her more important documents are stored there.

      I hope you don't have to leave :)

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    • I am always looking for ideas like that. I may be a little paranoid but when something does happen I like to think it works out a little more smoothly for the guy who took the time to prepare.

    • I always think it's better to be safer then sorry, my friend was saying she didn't think the fires would come near her, but she wanted to pack anyway and I said yes, do it, go for it! I will always encourage safety measures, it's not hurting anyone to pack the car or suitcase and if you don't happen to need it then it's not hard to reverse what you've done either :)

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