Do all men pee like this?

The reason im asking is because I definitely don't urinate like this and I'm wondering if this is a trait that all men have, or if my boyfriend may be sick or have something wrong with him.
Whenever he goes into the bathroom to pee, this is what I hear:
*pppppssstttt* pause *ppssssssssssssssssssttttttt* pause *pppsssssssstttttt* pause *pppsstttt* pause *psstttt* pause *ppsst* *ppsst* *ppsst*


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  • I'd say guys pee more like...
    "Psssssttt... Pssssttt.."
    *shake shake (only two, else you are just playing with yourself)*
    *zip zipper*

    • Basically one long stream...
      One, maybe two short finish streams, then shake.

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  • LOOOLLLL!!! 😂😂😂 doesn't all pee sound like this?

    • Mine doesn't stop its just one long stream 😅