Anyone here who felt so tired with their life? Lets disappear together. I wish im not alone :)


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  • You are not much younger than I am. You have a whole life ahead of you when you can make up your own mind what you want to be, what you want to do. It will take time for you to learn that you are a free spirit. That you can follow whatever path you chose through life. You will make friends, and one day, one of them will turn out to be very special. You will want to share your life with that person. Yes, there will be some bad times. Everyone has bad times, so you're not alone at all. But there will be good times, and it's the good times that make it all worthwhile. That more than make up for the bad times. Talk with people here. PM those you can trust. Make friends here. Most of are not a bad bunch of people!

    Take care, stay safe!!

  • No, you are not alone and yes you can be happy, you can define your own happiness.


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