What is according to you the most idiotic thing that is considerd normal or mandatory in our society?

The title states it all, what is the most idiotic thing in daily life, wich is considerd normal and accpted by many
for example:
I do not get why people MUST dress nicely when they go out for dinner, why can't i just wear shorts and a shirt with some kind of print on it?

Or my people (atleast around here) only drink milk from a mug and never a glass

or as final one Why you cannot wear a swimming short that looks like a short as a short, well most people are fine with it untill you tell them its a swimming short "officially"
BUT!, swimming with a normal short is no problem at all -.-

stuff like this, so whats the thing that you find most idiotic?

Oh and try to keep it nice :), respect eachother opinions


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  • the fact that people dont get off their damn phones.

    or those short shorts girls wear that might as well just be undies.


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  • I find this really idiotic - A guy MUST have lost his virginity before he turns a certain age (usually 20), otherwise he is considered an unattractive loser who can't get laid.

    • But But, if i reacht the age of 25 witout losing my verginity then ill become a mighty wizard with wich i can protect the verginity of many!

      -life goals

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  • People pursuing a college degree that they are not passionate about

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