My sister talks about guys all the time?

My sister talks about guys 98% of the time.. And when I mentione it she gets annoyed.. I Just started uni and im trying to advice her to use her energy on school, but whenever she call me its to talk about guys she either likes, guys she hook up with or Just in general make a huge deal about the smallest and least important things.

She hasn't really had this much make attention before, sexual and non-sexual, but she is there to study.

How do I deal with it? Im trying to ignor it, but it has been over 2 months now.. im kinda sick of it


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  • At this point you have no other choice but to sternly say it to her face that you don't give a single flying fuck about her guys. And then leave.

    The denser the material the harder you need to hit to crack it.


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  • She needs cock so either have one or two of your buddies bang her or buy her a giant dildo with a jack hammer vibrator setting or step up and do it yourself and be a man.


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