What kind of internet Trolls are the most annoying?

We all know them, they don't have to be anonymous, Trolls are always Trolls... sometimes they are even worse if they are using some ridiculous username instead of just being anonymous.

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  • Those fuckers who block you after having the last word in an argument. I can't stand them. That's why I made a list about them on my profile.
    But at the very least they gave me victory in the argument so there's that.


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  • Lol the worst trolls are 9gaggers, they're fucking retards. They fit in with the first choice.

  • Trolls who think they are very funny... and stupid trolls, of course.

  • Trolls that feel they are on crusade against some none existent social problem ie the feminists, black lives matter, pro choice, etc on subjects such as white male privilege/entitlement, the patriarchy/glass ceiling, anti rape campaigners, womens right to use abortion as a form of contraception rather than accept the fall ot of the poor choices, imagined rape culture

    • Right, the self-righteous Trolls :P

    • Yes those cunts.

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