Would you just stop hanging out with your friend for only this?


> we both both know each other really well
> I pick him up everyday
> we go school together

I have like thing that I am really careful about what I eat so if we stop in way to eat or something, If I see something shady in food I am gonna complaint about it. Last week when we were eating out, their chicken looked like it was just cut so I complaint to a waiter about how that thing sucks and I can see that red thingish around there so he apologized and changed it. Bro I hangout with didn't liked that and thought I do this on purpose lol and I just texted him about if he wanna go chill later today somewhere, He replied that not if you gonna pull that shit off again. Wtf? Lol I often get called out on this thing with like almost everyone I hang out with, Is this weird and would it piss you off if someone you hangout with does this and save you from eating unhealthy stuff? Lol


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  • No one likes a whiner. If it happens all the time or even frequently then it's a problem with you, not your friends or the places you eat. I for one would tolerate it a few times, but after that I'd just quit asking you to go and I'd refuse you when you asked me to hang. I just don't wanna have to deal with you cause I think you are unreasonable. Just so you know, I am 30 I can count the number of times I've actually had cause to complain about food on one hand. Also, you sound like you are kind of an ass the way you talk about their food. If you were being an ass, there's a good chance your chicken got some special treatment before they brought it to you and because of you, your friends get exposed to the same special treatment. So yeah, I'd totally leave you out, I can manage my food without you, I've done it all my life and I don't need all the drama you bring.

    • Well screw you, I won't need you neither. And yea your welcome to save you from eating all that unhealthy shit, Dude it was literally some blood in there.

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    • won't complaining to manager about it be more "douchey" thing? I

    • The important things are making sure it's worth complaining about and not getting emotional or rude about it. In my opinion undercooked chicken is worth a mention. If you don't feel comfortable talking to a manager, then chances are, it's not worth a complaint. Just getting the meal replaced is enough, but a complaint to a manager is about him doing something to help the restaurant. A good manager will always appreciate fair and reasonable feedback. On the other hand, you don't wanna be known as the guy that always complains cause people start to question your motivation.