I've been having terrible dreams and I need help to relieve the stress?

I guess I am looking for advice as to how to rid my bad dreams and my high stress levels that have risen from my nightmares. The stress has taken over me entirely the past few days and I can't focus on work or anything. I know Im overtried.

I had dated this guy for 3 1/2 years. He was my best friend. He eventaully left 2x for 2 other girls. After the 2nd time he engaged within 3 months of dating her. I blocked him, dropped all contact. But they used to contact me asking me to get ahold of them, to talk etc. I couldnt handle it. I needed time and by talking it would tear me down and I would need to build myself up again. When they aren't in my life I am fine. I haven't seen them in about a year and they recently married.

Well the past couple months I have had some break downs, I am not inlove with him and I haven't been, I do not want him back nor do I want to be friends. Were done. He eventually stopped talking. But I have seen pictures on fb from a mutual friend and they appear on my newsfeed. I couldnt handle seeing them because it triggers stress. And I tend to dream about things I fear. In my dreams they chase me, the girl yelling "I married him and not you." "Your worthless, a horrible person." etc. I am torn up because in a way they are in my life again chasing me. Its terrifying. I find notes in my dreams that they wrote to eachother about me. I had to unfriend out mutual friend on facebook to get rid of the pictures that are triggering these dreams. But I am still so stressed out. What can I do? I recently graduated college and my friends are now all over the country so I dont really hang out with anyone now.


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  • You should work out the underlining issues

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