Has anyone seen Louis Theroux Film "Black Nationalists". What are your thoughts? I'm curious from the American audience it involves how it's viewed?

IFor example this

This ringed a bell, i have a mixed race friend... who's a crazy conspiracy theorist. I think he views himself as a black Jew and even views White people as from the devil. I'm quite sure if he seen this documentary he'd agree with 100% of it.

He's mixed but says he gets angry if people say he is mixed, but he has a single mother white woman and doesn't know his dad. He is also British and he came to all his views from reading online and following confirmation bias. But what do you think of the above

28 minutes 55 second in


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  • That video is way too effing long. I highly doubt anyone is going to sit here for almost an hour just to answer this question. You could have summaraized it.


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  • White people are difficult to get along with in the same way democracy is a lousy system of government. They are the worst, except for all the others.

    • I like how you actually plagarised a white persons quote who was speaking about democracy in an attempt to be racist

    • When a quote is sufficiently well known it is not plagiarizing to paraphrase it. As for the accusation of racism, that's hilarious. Peddle your hate to someone else, I'm not buying.