Having a bad day and need to spend a lot of it it with this really anoying dude?

im having a bad day i guess.. i have been going to class and reading most of the day, haven't been home for 7 hours, and won't be home before 4AM. I work as an volunteer and ih vae to work tonight, and this really anooying guy that likes me (according to my guy friend) is going to be there.. so i have to spend a lot of todays shift lisening to his bullshit and unfunny jokes...

On top of that i can't get over the fact that no guys that i like likes me... and im alone and chubby-ish.. with an extrem amout of exams, tests etc to do for the next 1 1/2 month...

Anyone that have any advice on how to get in a better mood? showing up at work and feeling like shit isn't my favorite thing


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  • Keep your temper and do the war you can

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