Election day is coming (Canada). Would you say your vote is emotional or strategic?

Election day is coming in Canada (Oct 19). We are about to elect our next prime minister. I am still unsure who I am going to vote for. My heart and my brain are fighting one another for my vote. How is it for you? Are you someone who will vote with your heart even if you know there is little chance (or even absolutely none) that your candidate will win. Are you someone who actually go through each candidates electoral program and choose who you think is the better candidate. Are you going to vote for whomever is leading in the polls or are going to vote strategically for whomever is leading the poll in your county and who is against the party you absolutely don't want to win?

I mentioned election day in Canada, but this is a question for everybody. Election day is coming in 2016 for Americans too. I am interested in everybody's opinion...

  • I follow my heart and vote for my favorite candidate may he be the best for the job or not.
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  • I go through each candidates program and vote the the candidate I deem the best suited for the job.
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  • I do not want to lose my vote and will vote for whomever leads the polls.
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  • A specific candidate must absolutely not be (re) elected. I will vote in a way that will minimize his chances.
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  • I abstain from voting / cancel my vote. I don't know who to vote for / I don't trust any of the candidates
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  • Other (please explain)
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  • I am a lifelong Conservative who will be voting Liberal in this election. Why?

    - Because I am tired of the divisiveness of Harper's Conservatives. I am hoping that after losing this election, my party will choose a new leader whose values are more aligned with the old Progressive Conservatives, rather than the Canadian Alliance folks who dominate the party now.

    - Because of the three main party leaders, I view Justin Trudeau as the most honest. He's the only one willing to say "straight up guys - we're gonna run deficits". He's also the only one running a positive campaign, rather than a negative one based on fear tactics.

    - Because my local candidate is a really great person who I have gotten to know personally over the last several years as my provincial representative, who has come out to conservative social events at local pubs to have a few brews and talk shop with us, who is dedicated to protecting the rights of religious minorities, homosexuals and other marginalized groups, and who I absolutely 100% trust to represent me and my fellow constituents in Parliament.

    • Also, the Liberal platform is the one that is most closely aligned with my values. I would prefer to reign in spending more than their platform allows, but the Conservative attacks on my social values absolutely trumps a balanced budget for me at this time, and I totally agree with Trudeau that we should be focusing on what is best for our middle class, rather than giving equal tax breaks across the board, including to people who do not need them.

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    • Don't have to learn to love him - just gotta accept what it is and criticize where it is deserved, and applaud where it is deserved.

    • Yeah. I meant trying to forget he is a Trudeau. Maybe the guy will be any good. Can't really be worse than Harper.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I voted for NDP because I didn't want Trudeau and I was tired of Harper.
    Sadly my riding is strongly Conservative so my vote didn't count.

    • Yeah... same here. I would be lying if I said that I was excited to vote orange though.

    • None of the parties really represented me so I chose to vote strategically.

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