My korean boyfriend wants me to meet his family members , how good should I interpret that?

I am dating him for one year and a half , we r long distance and when we met he made me meet his older cousin , he didn't tell him im foreigner so his cous was chocked when he saw me haha it was pretty fun and he said he liked me and that im cute , My boyfriend also asked me to meet his mom ( she doesn't know im foreigner but knows that i exist ) but i said no cuz i can't speak korean and i thought i will just look stupid since meeting the mom is really important , now my boyfriend told me he wants me to meet his sister next time we meet and i told him :but i can't speak korean i ll look stupid he said its okay
I don't know why he wants me to meet his family while i can't even speak korean :3 and i know family is important in Asian culture
so what does all that mean?


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  • assume pretty good, doesn't matter if he is Korean or not lol. meeting family is generally a good thing.


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  • It means he takes your relationship seriously.
    I was invited over for dinner and to meet my boyfriend's family after we'd been together officially for just barely a month. He's Chinese, I don't speak a word of Mandarin or anything and neither of his parents are super comfortable with English. There wasn't a whole lot of talking but that's fine.

    Just get through a little bit of small-talk if possible with your boyfriend's parents, be friendly, making sure to be polite and as they become more comfortable with you over time, it'll get better :)

    • I hope so yes >< thanks

  • Just be yourself