If someone doesn't reply to you does that mean they're not going to?

It's been 24 hours.

It's an organization (corporate), so I wasn't holding my breath that they will, but I'm surprised that said person isn't because he gave the impression he was very professional.


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  • I have has companies wait so long that I gave up and went to work somewhere else just to have them finally get around to calling so don't count them out just yet

    • The thing is, I had not moved upward in my application. I emailed him very briefly and what I basically said was I'd like to discuss it with him if possible.

      It's sad, because I've been applying to this company for years, and now when I finally got moved up one stage, I didn't make it to the next.

    • Been there done that. It can be discouraging too , I know how it feels

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  • Its Only 'Been 24 hours' sp a;; is not lost Yet. Patience is golden so wait for now, even if it is To... Hold your breath.
    However, if you haven't heard Anything, it might not be a bad thing to contact Him to find out what the scoop is and what The... Truth is as well.
    Don't do it this This week, but Into early Next so you can give this time to make up his or their mind.
    Of course a smile and a style could say everything but doesn't Necessarily mean that you are the goose that laid the golden egg.
    Good luck. xx

    • *so all is not lost yet.
      Sorry, sweetie, my letters are Sticking some. lolxx