Who shall I play on my fantasy league this week?

I have these 4 WR
Larry Fitzgerald - Decent consistent points
Allen Herns - Been on a hot streak
Emmanual Sanders - Not sure if Manning will toss or if he even to him
Antonio Brown - F you Michael Vick...

4 RBs
Devonta Freeman - A Must play and I did.
Chris Johnson - Andre Ellington is back =/
Jeremy Hill - Soo inconsistent..
Chris Ivory - Coming off a Bye and might still be hurt.

Tyler Eifert - Rank 2, but playing away from home, not sure if Dalton can hang..
Gary Barnidge - Hot Streak but playing the boncos :o


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  • I'm only answering so this doesn't keep popping up in recommended questions.


    • Lol, Michigan doesn't even have a NFL team!
      You wanted the points didn't you!

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    • At least y'all won this past week.
      Don't know how y'all suck when you guys have the best receiver. :o

    • Yeah, I was actually thoroughly impressed we won lol. I think we just have a general black cloud of bad luck over our heads.

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  • WR
    Larry Fitzgerald
    Allen Herns if he's the 2nd receiver cause him against Jonathon Joseph.. I don't know
    Antonio Brown Vick WILL have to go his way

    Devonta Freeman - wish I had him :/
    Chris Ivory

    Gary Barnidge - Josh Mccown will find him if it was Johnny Manziel I wouldn't

    • haha picked him off waivers too :P

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    • @slywinkle
      Oh damn I didn't know they were playing the Cardinals! In that case I say play Sanders @asker which isn't that better cause Manning is slipping and Joe Haden may not play and lock down Demaryius Thomas so Sanders's chance of getting thrown at is smaller

    • Was just checking my team throughout the season and damn dude KEEP play Antonio Brown man. That one guy at the bottom in the league who doesn't check his team at all beat me just cause of Brown and he didn't even start a kicker and defense smdh
      Thanks for mho

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  • Bro seriously u need to ask me about fantasy football; I play and Im into NFL and NBA analysis as well as betting. 8-)

    First of all, substance over flash. Don't fall in love with touchdowns, those are random and people lose in ff chasing touchdowns from the previous week. Focus on substance; targets and carries.

    Second, start the best player... don't overthink matchups.


    For the wideouts Antonio Brown is a must play! #NoQuestion He's a top receiver in the game between him, Julio Jones and Demaryius Thomas.

    Second wideouts should be Sanders. Plenty of targets he shall get.

    For running backs, focus on who is "the guy" on their team. This shifts all the time in the NFL as backups get hot and the coaches ride the hot hand, so make sure to keep tabs on what your RB's team are doing with carry distribution. Freeman is a must play like u said. Out of your players Ivory is "the guy" on the Jets. Cincy is going back to a Hill / Bernard 50/50 split, and so are the Cardinals with Johnson / Ellington.

    TE should be Eifert #NoQuestion

    • For the wideouts Antonio Brown is a must play!

      dude since Big Ben got hurt he's been a huge bust! :(

    • Allen Hurns out of Jacksonville is a 2nd leading target guy, Brown is a top target guy. Vick isn't starting next week so he should be back to beasting.

      Fitzgerald is the safe pick, but I play to win, big or go home! I'd ride it out with Sanders and Brown; best upside.

  • Fitz-Pitt's secondary is garbage Hurns/Sanders? Brown is a tossup cuz Bortles sucks, Manning's done and Vick kinda stinks. I'd go Hurns, maybe.
    Too late to play freeman, cuz he's playing right now. CJ2K and Ivory are the best bets at RB. Start Johnson, cuz the Cards will get up big and then run a lot
    I'd go Big Gary at TE, just cuz he's come out of nowhere to play awesome and who else is McCown gonna throw to? Against DEN It'll be short passes to TEs and dump-offs to RBs to slow the pass-rush.

    • Already playing Freeman :P

    • Thats working out ok for you then. 13-100-1TD ain't too bad. Still 8min to go too.

  • how many starters in each position?
    anyways, freeman was a good choice. i'd start fitz and herns. and start eifert (idk who they're playing... and i have aj green, lol).

  • *Excitingly clicks link* American football.. Bleah :(