Is my dream job out of reach?

I'm accounting major and honestly think accounting is the boriest shit in the world and I did it just for money lol. I could get a job as a financial analyst but that's not where my dream is at. I've always been a bodybuilder and wanted to own my own gym. It's kind of hard to startup your own gym and the failure rate is very high. Was thinking about investing in a franchised gym like LA fitness or 24 hour fitness. Could have a passive income and train at that gym.. know everybody.. get close with the staff.. Does this sound like too much? I'm only 22 but I do have a major in finance and know the ins and outs when it comes to the numbers. I just don't have the hands on experience.

  • Go for it brah. Live your dream
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  • You should probably build some income as a financial analyst before you step into that realm
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  • Def build capital and then you'll be able to do your own books for your business in the future.


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  • I'm not clear on what would be involved in "investing in a franchised gym." Do you mean as a part owner of a franchise? I'm guessing you don't mean actually opening up a franchise of your own, because that would be a very capital-intensive undertaking, comparable to opening a small independent gym.

    The issue with places like LA Fitness and its ilk is that it's very corporate and impersonal. Smaller places with better prices and friendlier, more knowledgeable staff would be very competitive, especially with good local advertising (which doesn't have to be expensive). There are tons of big, relatively cheap retail spaces available in most markets right now.

    But don't you need more capital, no matter which way you choose? You're right that accounting is boring, but maybe get your feet wet, make some money, make some contacts, then you can pursue the gym idea, and always return to accounting (or do it on the side) if and when you need to. Good luck. :)


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  • Go for it and sell stuff as well which LA Fitness sells nothing

  • Be a CPA and CFA you can a lot

    • I hate accounting though. CPA or not the job sucks. I rather migrate into investment banking/analyst if anything.

    • Bah its not that bad. Your the auditor pretty damn amazing

      IB sure, it cam be fun... you'll make a lot

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