Were is the qatar airway cabin crew from?

Irs called qatar airways but the cabin crew is Asian looking. ...


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  • Depends there r not only Asians ( korean , indian , malaysian etc..)
    There r Arab and european and even algerian haha it depends on the destination of the flight actually

    • I went from dallas, usa to doha, qatar and ik ur gonna think i have bo life but... i was amazed to the beauty of 2 girls who serve the food and stuff. .. to the point that i got saad as hell I don't know why... so i guessed from china or japan but idkk... they have this special look were they look so innocent and friendly and pretty and everything!.. i woulda kissed her hand if theyl let me :(

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    • Oh wowww... but itrls true about the plastic surgeries there... its sad how naturaly beauty is changing.

    • Yeah right :)

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