Is time travel a good idea?

Aside from shuffling back a few decades, do you think time travel is a wise idea? There seems so much wrong with it or that could go wrong that it wouldn't be worth it to have to come back to the future to experience the fall out of your travels or the dangers in not making it back. I think when people think of this hypothetical, they forget how very different and frankly dangerous, the world was during a lot of former eras/centuries and they forget how different the attitudes and beliefs of people were from the way we think now, especially with the advent of science and medicine and technology. Can you make a case for why you think it would be a good thing, or do you agree and think the bad far outweighs the good.

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  • It's not a good idea, morons would fuck the world up even more than it already is.


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  • Looking at the bright side, we could go back to the past and prevent bad things from happening, since we know the outcome of these things.

  • Would the time traveler even know they made a difference if history was changed?

    • The time traveler would be the only one aware of the change in history because of the mere fact they know the future or what the future is supposed to be like already. So if they go back in time and kill Hitler as a baby (that question of would you do it), they would know the affects, but no one else would b/c for everyone else, that timeline never came true.

    • But if the history changes would not what they learned changed since Hitler never rose to power?

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