Am I missing something, or jumping to conclusions?

I've been seeing this guy, and he recently bought a new place (condo) and met me there to show me, and of course to fool around. He hadn't moved in any of his stuff yet. Now, several weeks later, I haven't been back there and he said he decided not to live there but to rent it out instead. He said he already listed it.

Something hasn't felt right to me about the whole situation. He supposedly bought it a month and a half ago, but there is still no deed showing on the county website. I see no "for rent" listings on this property online. I have my doubts that he really owns it and it really pisses me off if I'm being lied to like that.

He works in property management so he has keys to many units in the complex.

Is there something I'm missing, before I jump to conclusions? Another reason a deed wouldn't show under his name?


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  • It does sound like he was making it up. Like he was just using it to fool around in or maybe to act out a fantasy with you.

    Is this a huge issue for you or just a curiosity?

    • This is a big issue to me, because we're talking about lying and deception. There is no reason to lie to me.
      If he just wanted to go there for fun, just tell me, don't lie.

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    • It's hard to say. .. it might be a moot point if I'm suspecting so many lies and tired of dealing with it. I just want to know the truth.

      I just thought I'd get an opinion of what others thought- if I'm over thinking /paranoid / too mistrusting, or it makes sense.

    • First of all I would never tell you what you are feeling or that you shouldn't feel a certain way. I wouldn't want someone to tell me I was wrong for feeling what I was feeling. We all have our own experiences that determine how we feel.

      These do seem (to me) like small lies and just wanting to prove something to himself (the relationship) or just hasn't shared things with you about every detail in his life.

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  • I think when you go looking up deeds on the county website to see if your dude actually owns his place, you're past jumping to conclusions and rapidly approaching bunny boiler territory.

    • Bunny boiler, haha what is that?

      Also, I work in an office where we use resources like this all the time, so for me it wasn't a stretch.

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