Girls, Females only what is a Mixed men with Cherokee Indian, Irish, black compatibility and what type of women do you think is the best for them?

  • A. White
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  • B. African American
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  • c. Asian
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  • D. Chinease
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  • E. Filipino
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  • F. Japanese
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  • G. Korean
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  • Do you not know what Asian is, because Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, and Korean are all Asian. If you're looking for cultural compatibility then look for someone who shares the same culture as you, but keep in mind people are unique to themselves and a girl's compatibility with you has nothing to do with her race but everything to do with who she is as a person.

    • Appreciate your comment I apologize about some of the category names I didn't know about the Asian culture I never been with one thanks tho for your comment.

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    • :) Thanks for explaining that multicultural people to me

    • Haha no problem, good luck with everything!

  • D, E, F, and G are all C

    anyway, i chose E just because they blend in to just about anything. but it ultimately depends on cultural compatibility