How is everyone doing today? What are your plans?


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  • I am doing alright! How are you doing?

    I had to do my grocery shopping this morning. Now I might go out to grab some lunch and see if I can watch Crimson Peak. I might wait on that, though.

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    • That's true. I read some of the graphic novels before the show came out, but haven't followed it. But his character development is understandable.

    • For sure :)

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  • Doing good, thank you.
    I'm working on my project for programming. Fun and educational. Gonna see how well my education within the topic has payed off.
    Just walking around the neighborhood getting some fresh air.

  • Doing well, groggy because allergies kept me awake too late and I slept in.

    I plan to cut wood out back, that's about it... there's a lot of wood.

    When I get tired I'll clean up, and fix or go get somethin to eat, undecided as of yet.

    • Update... I've now done the wood cuttin... my body doesn't want to move... and I couldn't be happier. XD