I sow a ghost in the window... scaryyy?

when i was a child we had very big old house and huge backyard. And neighbours house had a window right in our backyard, which was kinda anoyying.
And one everning i was playing in backyard and accidently looked in the window... i sow there a strange creature. It was old woman all in black, she had strange eyes and they didn't move at all and she stared at me...
I was scared and stared at her for 10 minutes, not less, i wasn't even move, it was scary and at the same time i didn't see anything like this before...

but then, suddenly she moved and then... i sow it was just out old neighbour woman, it was just dark and i didn't see well, but i swear it was scary as hell)))
now i think she was surprised that i stared on her so trangely))) lol


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  • Think you're yanking my chain here bub


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