Tinder reality ?

Yeah fuck this app. If you're a guy you have to swipe right until you reach the limit while girls are so fucking picky it's ridiculous.
I know for fact that I'm a good looking guy and even I had a hard time getting matches, so don't worry guys don't let your self esteem sink.
I decided I fucking had it when a girl which was a 6 tops thought she was too cool for me and behaved like if she was a god damn model. I instantly deleted the app and stuck with the old meeting girls in real life. Only thing that this shit taught me is that you have to man up and talk to girls because the "easy way" online dating is a lie, best decision I made in a long time.



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  • And im sure girls in real life probably don't find you attractive either because you can be drop dead gorgeous but if you have a massive ego that's very unattractive

    • most girls do have. I've met so many girls and in our country it's pathetic.

      Girl with a lot of makeup or whatever she's wearing thinks she's super hot. If girl has 120 likes she's super egoistic. I even met few girls that they thought, that they are something special. I just said to them straight haha, you think if you've got 120 likes on fb.

      That basically means you've got around 1000 friends, 120 likes less than 90% don't give a shit about you. Get it real girl, you're not anything special.

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    • I'm not special I don't want to be special

    • You're sure acting like your all that and a bag of chips your attitude needs work

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