I have no money, not time and I don't know what do?

I have pains in my body that won't go away no matter how many doctors i visit , i really dont feel like eating or doing anything anymore , i am at school so not a lot of time to do what i want and in addition to all that i have no money , i dont want to admit this but my family is probably lower than average/middle class , my parents dont make enough money and the money i have is barely enough for me and i even help with the house sometimes , i have a girlfriend that i want to see but i really dont seem to be able to , iam trying my best managing times and money but I don't know when it will end i still have a little over 4 years ahead of me and my girl is moving to another state in two years , I don't know what to do i feel trapped i have no time, no money, and apperantly the only thing i had going for me ( health ) is abandoning me as well , what am i supposed to do?


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  • Seek government help. Stick to school, and when you feel better, start working.


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